About Us

Introducing Fire CZ™

Our Designer Line:

Gem-quality CZ stones rivaling the finest premium diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Millions of years of nature's most powerful forces have come together to create the first (5A) AAAAA rating ever assigned to a CZ stone. Our stones are all displayed in quality settings crafted in .925 Sterling Silver and finished in 18K Gold or Rhodium. Only you will know that our stones are not genuine diamonds. Now you can own stunning, elegant jewelry for every occasion and ensemble.

Fire Diamonds CZ are held to jewelers specifications for color, clarity, cut, and carat weight!

What is a (5A) AAAAA Grade CZ Stone???

FireCZ stones have a (5A) AAAAA rating because they are created to have a hardness similar to that of real diamonds.

FireCZ stones are individually hand cut and mounted to more prominently exhibit the exquisite facets in each piece.