Replace Couture Necklace Sets

Instructions for returning your Men's item for replacement:


  1. Fill out 1 YEAR Guarantee Replacement Form
  2. Properly package the item in a padded envelope or small box.
  3. Include you1 year Replacement Form & a copy of the sales receipt.
  4. Include a money order for replacement fee in the amount set forth below based on your purchase price per item excluding tax.

For purchase price of:

$75.00 or Less send $9.95

$76.00-$199.00 send $19.95

$200.00-$299.00 send $29.95

$300.00-$399.00 send $39.95

$500.00- and Up send $49.95


*Include an additional $6.50 to ship outside of the continental U.S.


If the item no longer is available, an item of similar style and value will be provided.


Items received without a money order in the proper amount and purchase receipt will be discarded.


Please make money order payable to and ship to:
FireCZ Inc.
8429 Lorraine Road
P.O. Box 200
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202